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Feb 22 2013

Bug Fixing Day #9

Yesterday we had our Bug Fixing Day #9. For the 5.x development cycle we've decided to intensify our bug fixing and invert the bugs created vs bugs fixed ratio so that we're always in the green, by having weekly BFDs.

3 committers have participated yesterday to the BFD#9:

  • Thomas Mortagne
  • Marius Florea
  • Vincent Massol

Well done guys, we've squashed 19 bugs in the bug count! This leads us to 912 bugs created over the last 360 days vs 880 fixed. We have 32 to go to be in the green! 


Let's hope more committers will participate to the next BFD on the 28th of Februrary 2013 and that we can go back to the green during that session!

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