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Blog - What's New for XWiki: Extension - posts for December 2023

Dec 18 2023

Antispam Extension 1.12 Released

The Antispam Extension 1.12 has been released. This release improves the detection of inactive users. ...

Extension Tweak 1.7.0 and 1.7.1 released

Extension Tweak now allows importing a XIP package. ...

Dec 13 2023

SearchGrid Macro 1.0 Released

SearchGrid is a new macro allowing to perform Solr search queries and to display the table in a grid with configurable facets on top. Version 1.0 has been released. Feedback and improvement requests are welcome. See page SearchGrid on how to use it. Here is below a code example displaying Movies bundled in XWiki Help Application:

{{searchGrid class="Help.Applications.Movies.Code.MoviesClass" showHidden="false" sort="title:asc" facets="databaseList1,staticList1"/}}

Dec 05 2023

Antispam Extension 1.11 Released

The Antispam Extension 1.11 has been released. The algorithm to compute inactive users has changed: own user profile events are not considered as activity and wiki owners are protected. A bug has also been fixed. ...

Dec 04 2023

MathJax 1.1.3 Released

The MathJax Macro and MathJax LaTeX Template extensions have been released in version 1.1.3. This is a bugfix version that prevents the MathJax LaTeX Template extension to be installed automatically when installing the MathJax Macro, as it's unnecessary for users who don't use the LaTeX Exporter. ...

Dec 03 2023

Antispam Extension 1.10 Released

The Antispam Extension 1.10 has been released. The message displayed in the logs and in the page save cancellation (only for protected users) now include the reasons why the page was considered as spam. Several bugs have also been fixed. ...


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