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Jul 09 2014

XWiki 6.1 Released

The XWiki development team is proud to announce the availability of XWiki Enterprise 6.1.

A lot of work has been done for the new Flamingo skin and we hope to make it the default in 6.2.

This version also comes with many improvements but also introduce many new APIs and tools for developers like the integration of LESS preprocessor, a new authorization API taking care of the context and its associated script service, a new experimental Mail API, the support of grouped and asynchronous jobs in default job module executor, the possibility to log from any script, a new converter to make easier to manipulate XDOM in Velocity, and many others.

The memory used in wikis with lots of documents like has also been reduced a lot (around 40% in for example). Finally a new loading screen with progress displayed during XWiki initialization has been introduced and the initialization speed itself has also been improved. ...

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