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Blog - Releases - posts for June 2009

Jun 25 2009

XWiki Enterprise 2.0 Milestone 1

First milestone of the XWiki Enterprise 2.0 version

Note that general goals for XWiki Enterprise 2.0 are:

  • Finish/stabilize/document new rendering
  • Finish/stabilize/document new wysiwyg editor
  • Migrate all XWiki Enterprise pages to use the XWiki 2.0 syntax
  • Blog and User Profile UI Improvements
  • Activity Stream integration
  • CAPTCHA integratio
  • Distributed events
  • Wiki macros
  • Rewrite XWiki's Lucene Search backend
  • Improve XWiki's default skin

For more details about this 2.0 Milestone 1 release, check the release notes.

Jun 11 2009

XWiki Office 1.0 Release Candidate 1 Released

The XWiki development team is pleased to announce the release of XWiki Office Release Candidate 1.

First release candidate for XWiki Word integration.


Summary of improvements introduced in version 1.0 RC1

  • Faster Word startup
  • Fixed page publishing issues
  • Better & cleaner output
    • improved html tables
    • better lists and bullets
    • cleaned grammar and spelling output
  • Improved UI dialogs. 
  • Release notes

Known issues


Jun 10 2009

XWiki Enterprise 1.9 and XWiki Enterprise Manager 1.7 Released

The XWiki development team is pleased to announce the release of XWiki Enterprise 1.9 and XWiki Enterprise Manager 1.7.

Changes from XWiki Enterprise 1.8.4:

  • UI improvements
    • Quick Jump to any Page navigation
    • Faster Save and Continue using AJAX
    • Improved Full Screen editing
    • New Live Table UI
    • Improved comments UI and functionality
    • Multiple attachment upload in one request
    • New UI for the Class and Object editors
    • Improved toolbar in the wiki editor
    • Preliminary support for Autosave
  • PDF export improvements
  • JavaScript improvements
  • Switched to UTF-8 as the default encoding
  • Mailsender improvements
  • New Office Importer feature: document splitting
  • XWiki 2.0 Syntax is enabled by default 

For more information see the Release notes.

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