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Feb 02 2017

XWiki using Jenkins GitHub Organization Pipeline

The Jenkins Pipeline plugin includes a very nice feature which is the "GitHub Organization" job type. This job type will scan a given GitHub organization repositories for Jenkinsfile files and when found will automatically create a pipeline job for them. ...

Sep 14 2016

Highlights of the XWiki 7.x Cycle

Here are some highlights of what done during the XWiki 7.x Cycle.

1557 issues closed: 696 bugs closed, 541 improvements, 83 new features and more! ...

Jul 14 2016

Updating the XWiki UI using a bit of JavaScript and Velocity code

It's natural that depending on the actions of users, we want to also update the UI. For example the click of a button, the selection of a checkbox or the scroll of a page. These tasks can be easily achieved using the XWiki platform and some basic web technologies know-how. ...

May 17 2016

XWiki Big Data with Elastic Search

Update Nov 2016: we published an extension to integrate Elasticsearch and Kibana4 into XWiki.

Almost two years ago, in the XWiki open source community, we needed to learn how many XWiki users we actually had and understand a bit better our user base. For this we decided to implement a big data system allowing to get information about the XWiki open source installs, all anonymously of course. ...

May 13 2016

XWiki Development Practices seen by XWiki SAS

Vincent Massol has held an internal training at XWiki SAS about the Development Practices used by the XWiki SAS product team in charge of developing the XWiki open source project (among other projects). Most of the practices detailed are those from the XWiki open source project, defined on the dev subwiki. However the slides also provide a glimpse of other development practices that are used to complement the open source practices, such as Roadmap preparation and Stakeholder meetings. ...

May 03 2016

Bye Bye CLIRR, Welcome Revapi!

Vincent Massol has published an article explaining how the XWiki project has switched from using CLIRR to using Revapi for automatically ensuring API backward compatibility. ...

Apr 20 2015

Roadmap-free Sprint #1

Results of a 2-weeks sprint by XWiki SAS developers working on XWiki features. ...

Aug 09 2013

Improvements Review (XWiki 2.4 - 5.1)

I've prepared for XWiki SAS's Seminar a presentation reviewing the improvements and new features we added inside XWiki Enterprise between version 2.4 and version 5.1. 

For features that existed before 2.4 there is a comparison view of how it looks now and how it looked back then. I've also listed the people that were involved in making the features come true. ...

Apr 08 2013

Brainstorming Flavors

We are happy to say that we are investigating the notion of XWiki Flavors. XWiki Flavors are a set of predefined extensions having a specific use case in mind. 

XWiki Flavors can be considered specializations of XWiki instances suited for different purposes like public websites, intranets, content sharing, project management, community status, business intelligence, etc. 

What we would like is when you install your first wiki or when you create a new sub-wiki you should be able to select a specialization for that wiki. 

Let's say you have a farm for your organization and you would need some sub-wikis, one for your each team. Each of your teams are a bit different. For example, the support team may need to create a Documentation wiki in order to communicate with your clients. The development team may need a very applications oriented wiki that could contain applications for all their processes. 

XWiki has the advantage of being very extensible and we want to take advantage of that by separating the common use cases of XWiki in different Flavors. 

Because XWiki's development is centered around its community is important that the community decides what are the most common use cases XWiki is used for.
We've created several mailing threads for: 

Join the discussion on the mailing lists and help us decide the exact features needed for selected use case or brainstorm about other common use cases in this thread.

Apr 06 2012

Feature Survey Result for XWiki 4.x

In February 2012 we launched a Survey to gather information from the XWiki Community about you would like to see implemented in the XWiki 4.x development cycle. Note that we had a similar exercise in 2009 and we had posted the results.

This survey had 2 purposes:

  • Find out the main Development Themes for XWiki 4.x.
  • Have a pioritized feature list that we could pick for when we decide each specific roadmap for the 4.x releases (4.0, 4.1, etc).

The most voted themes were:

  • Theme 1: Ease of use
  • Theme 2: Quality


Jointly with us, the XWiki SAS company also did the same exercise asking the same questions to its customers. They have published the full results which aggregate both Community votes and Customers votes. You can also check out the Raw CSV Data.

We'd like to thank everyone who took the time to answer and thus who've helped drive the direction of XWiki! emoticon_smile

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