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Blog - Contrib - posts for November 2023

Nov 28 2023

Antispam Extension 1.9 Released

The Antispam Extension 1.9 has been released. Known users are now protected against being considered spammers for all features of the Antispam extension. In addition, several new filters have been added to the Event stream in order to be able to filter it better to find out spam more easily. Several bugs have also been fixed. The extension now requires XWiki 14.10.4+. ...

Nov 15 2023

Numbered Content Extension 1.9.2 Released

The Numbered Content Extension 1.9.2 has been released. This is a bugfix release, which also had some dependency upgrades. ...

Nov 02 2023

Word-Based Notification Application 1.0 Released

The Word-Based Notification Application 1.0 has been released. This is the first version of this new extension which aims at allowing to follow specific words in a wiki, and to be notified when those words or expressions are used in pages. Different usecases are possible: people could use it to be informed when a page has been created with a specific expression to then follow the page, or it can also be used to know if a number of occurrences have been changed in a page for a specific expression. ...


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