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Blog - posts for October 2008

Oct 22 2008

XWiki Enterprise Manager 1.4 Released

This release is based on XWiki Enterprise 1.6.1 and contains some improvements on information panels.

See ReleaseNotesXEM14 for more details.

Oct 21 2008

XWiki Enterprise 1.7 Milestone 1 Released

First milestone of the XWiki Enterprise 1.7 version.

Note that general goals for XWiki Enterprise 1.7 are:

  • Working and usable (i.e. users can use them for their day to day work instead of the old Syntax and old WYSIWYG editor) versions of new rendering and new WYSIWYG editor.
  • Working JCR (can be used for day to day work instead of Hibernate).
  • French XE
  • Blog revamping
  • Webdav integration

For more details about this 1.7 Milestone 1 release, check the release notes.

Oct 16 2008

XWiki Enterprise 1.6.1 Released

This is a bug fix release. It fix an important regression of LDAP authenticator.

Bugs fixed

  • XWIKI-2747 - LDAP search is sometime done without the base dn
  • XWIKI-2753 - Display bug in konqueror for class editor
  • XWIKI-2757 - Empty .jar produced after build


  • XAPANELS-59 - Inconsistent redirects in the Panel Wizard


  • XWIKI-2752 - Remove the "code" formatting style from the old WYSIWYG editor

See the release notes for full details.

Oct 03 2008

XWiki Enterprise 1.6 Released

This release spanned a bit more than 2 months starting on the 23rd of July 2008 and ending on the 3rd of October 2008. During that period we have implemented issues, fixed bugs and added new features such as:

  • New experimental support for other syntaxes (Confluence, JSPWiki, Creole, MediaWiki, TWiki and XHTML), including a new XWiki Syntax v2.0.
  • New experimental WYSIWYG editor (Work In Progress).
  • Improved page footer displaying : comments, attachments, history, various information
  • New "Password Renewal and Forgot Username" feature
  • Default account validation & confirmation emails provided in the wiki preferences
  • Rights Management interface now support adding groups into groups 
  • Improvement of Query Manager which was introduced in 1.6M1.
  • New experimental XWiki Query Language called XWQL.
  • Added .xml extensions to all exported wiki pages (XAR)
  • The name of the main database in virtual wiki mode is not hardcoded to 'xwiki' anymore, and in virtual mode all database names can be prefixed with a configurable value

New or improved translations: 

  • german
  • french
  • czech
  • norwegian
  • ukrainian

Important bugs fixed:

  • Various fixes in the watchlist:
    • Watchlist now works with platform 1.5 and 1.6
    • Fixed rights checks in multiwiki mode
    • Fixed RSS feed generation in multiwiki
  • In some context URLFactory generate URL with wrong server/domain 
  • Use of "." in LDAP logins fixed 

See the release notes for full details.

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