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Blog - posts for August 2007

Aug 30 2007

XWiki Enterprise 1.1 Release Candidate 1 Released

This is first release candidate for the final 1.1 release. It brings only several bug fixes and improvements, as the 1.1 release is almost ready. It was delayed a bit by unexpected bugs introduced by some fixes, but we managed to get it along. Unfortunately, there will have to be another release candidate, as right after finishing the release we detected several things that could be improved, and we're also trying to make the installer a bit more user-friendly.

See the Release notes for more details on this release. With release candidates we need your help more than ever for testing and reporting any remaining bug (and eventually provide a patch, too). Thanks!

Aug 27 2007

XWiki Eclipse Integration 1.0 Milestone 1 Released

We're delighted to release this first version of the XWiki Eclipse plugin. It's the result of one project from the Google Summer of Code 2007 and was done by Tharindu Jayasuriya and Asiri Rathnayake. I'm also happy to announce that they are now both XWiki committers for the Eclipse plugin and as such will continue their work in the future as normal XWiki committers. See the Eclipse plugin page for installation instructions and user guide.

Aug 15 2007

XWiki Enterprise 1.1 Milestone 4 Released

This is the last milestone leading to the final 1.1 release. It brings lots of new features, improvements and bug fixes. In total we have fixed over 100 JIRA issues. The remaining releases are now going to be Release Candidates till we get a stable one with no glaring bugs, meaning we'll only be fixing bugs from now on. The 1.1 final release is still planned for early September. See the Release notes for more details on this 1.1M4 release. As usual we need your help for testing it and flushing out any remaining bug. Thanks!

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