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Blog - posts for March 2007

Mar 16 2007

XWiki is recruiting for Google Summer of Code 2007

Good news, XWiki has been accepted by Google as a participating organization for GSoC 2007!

So far we have 17 projects we're proposing to students. Now the next step is to find bright students interested in implementing them. The idea is that Google will pay these students to get to learn how Open Source works by paticipating to some real Open Source projects. ...

Mar 05 2007

XWiki 1.0 Beta 5 Released

Closing in on the final 1.0 release. This beta is both a bug fix release but it also bring some nice improvements: security improvements, Calendar improvements, and the much-awaited rename feature, although the latter doesn't have a UI yet (this is planned for Beta 6). See the release notes for more details. ...

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